Life after college sucks..

You got that degree now what? You start by going on Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. Looking for that dream job that you knew that you worked your tail off for. All those all-nighters and all those papers you wrote were now going to be worth it because you are finally about to apply for your dream job and earn the six figures you been desiring.  So you start filtering your job search, you receive tons of job opening for your job search category, and surely one of these companies or firms had to hire you.   Then you look closely at the qualification, and things are about to turn upside down. The criterion entails years of experience needed to fulfill the requirement for the job. Surely as a new graduate, you have not been on the field because you were too busy getting the education that would land you the "great" job after college. However, something is missing from the educational standpoint to going into a professional career, and it's the experience. Surely, you should have been doing internships and getting mentorships from people in the field of work you want to be in. But say you did all that, and you still can't get anything. What do you do next? Stay content! Don't give up! It's easier said than done surely! But life is just a numbers game. If you fill out a 100 job applications and one calls you back, so be it. When you're fresh out of college, it's important not to fill entitled and cocky. Having a bachelor degree is a huge accomplishment, but means nothing if you can't put your degree to work. Take every opportunity given, and if no opportunity is given, then TAKE IT. When you're in school, most times you know you're going to the next grade, but life after college is different. You don't have to go to the next level; you can stay at the same level for the rest of your life and society will not care. Some people in your life have been at the same place for years, don't be one of those guys! The world is waiting for you to stamp your legacy, you just have to go put in the work. Life after college is indeed tough; you have an abundance of loans waiting, and you're just as broke as when you were in college. But it's important to trust the process, one day you're going to laugh at your struggles and advice the next kid out of college. Stay motivated and persistent my friends!