Why do we focus on negatives and not the positive?

Often times, whether its social media or Yelp reviews, people and businesses focus more on the negatives rather than the positives. Usually, I notice on celebrities social media sites that even though they receive thousands of comments praising and adoring them, they micro-in on the negative comments rather than all the positive comments. At the end of the day, no matter how much fame and money celebrities have they are still human beings with feelings. No matter how much praises celebrities receive, they will often time reply to the negative comments quicker than they would for the positive feedback. As humans, we want to be loved and adored by everyone. Usually, when somebody comments something hurtful or contrary to our belief, we get upset. Growing up we are taught that words can't hurt us, but nowadays words can do more damage than physical pain. Physical pain is temporary, but words stick with you for an extended period of time.

 Imagine if we did more as business owners and members of society to focus more on the positive rather than the negative? Think about how much better your day would be. If we learned to understand that everyone is not going to like us for whatever reason and its OKAY! Imagine what that will do for our personal well being. The same perspective is alike for business.

I remember one day I needed to get groceries. I got in my car and searched for the closest Whole Foods around me. I noticed when the nearest Whole Foods popped up on my phone, there was a couple of reviews. I skimmed through the reviews, and the majority of the reviews was excellent. However, there was one reviewer that chewed up these local Whole Foods. She noted that since Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods the quality of the food and service has gone down. It was interesting because below her comment a representative from whole food commented and pleaded for the reviewer to come back and they were even going to give them a gift card. Suddenly I thought about bashing Whole Foods as well to get a free gift card. 

It was interesting nonetheless because the representative for Whole Foods did not reply to none of the positive comments and solely concentrated on the negative comments. However, imagine what better relationship and loyalty they would have built with the customers if they engaged with the customer and thanked them for their positive review. Also, believe if they give a gift card to the people leaving positive reviews of how much of a fan they would create. 

I say all of this to assume people will not always like you, and they sometime will be hurtful. But if we just focused more on the positive rather than the negative our lives would be so much better.