African Booty Scratcher
By Michael Asmerom

What is it like when an 8-year-old Ethiopian boy finds himself living in one of the largest cities in the United States? How do you adapt to a life in Harlem, and in a school when you can’t even speak the language? How do you learn and interact with others, make friends and strive to become a success? 

In his book, African Booty Scratcher, Michael Asmerom paints a vivid picture of his life as a young immigrant, desperately trying to fit into life in New York City and find his way amidst a confusing clash of cultures. 

From bullying and name-calling to trying to fit in with peers in a country that had its own views on African people, through to growing up as a child of African parents, becoming Americanized and choosing a career path, Michael tells his story with a mixture of humor and fluent writing.

It is a book which carries a heartfelt message, but also something of a cautionary note at the same time. We are who we are because of the upbringing we receive and the effort we put in to succeed.

This book is a GREAT read that shows the struggles Michael faced as a young man that molded him into who he is today.
— Amazon Review
I enjoyed this book very much couldn’t stop reading till the end. You are an amazing writer Michael please keep going. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. Your mom’s smiling at all you have accomplished. Thank you again.
— Amazon Review
Great book! Very inspirational. Michael Asmerom did a great job illustrating his journey through his transition to the United States. The good, the bad and the ugly. I would recommend this book to anyone.
— Amazon Review
Michael Asmerom writes his memoir with tremendous human insight that applies to all and a touch of humor. This book will capture you to the end.
— Amazon Review